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The Parish Council have received the following letter from the SEGL2 team which provides information about a consultation event about the proposed underground high capacity cable that is due to be routed through the Parish.

Public information exhibition and events for Scotland to England Green Link project (SEGL2), from Peterhead in Aberdeenshire to Drax in North Yorkshire.

Dear Parish Clerk,

Following our public consultations last spring, I would like to let you know about a series of  public information events we will be holding next month for our Scotland to England Green Link 2 proposal , (known as SEGL2). We would like to update everyone about how our plans have developed, ahead of applying to Selby District Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council for planning permission, which we anticipate will be this spring.

Given the uncertainties there have been around COVID-19 and the remaining self-isolation requirements, we will be hosting a digital public information exhibition and series of online events via our dedicated website – The exhibition will be open from Monday 21 February 2022 until the submission of our planning application, with our online events (outlined below) taking place from Monday 28 February to Friday 4 March.

To ensure that as many people as possible are made aware of our exhibition and events, we would very much appreciate it if you could share details of our public information exhibition and events with relevant members of your organisation. We will be advertising the exhibition and events to local people in advance through the mailout of a hard copy newsletter and through social media. 

Online public information exhibition and events

Our digital public information exhibition and series of online events will give local people the opportunity to view information on SEGL2 and ask our project team any questions. They are designed to present our proposals ahead of the submission of the project’s planning application to Selby District Council and East Riding of Yorkshire. The exhibition and events follow on from our public consultation, held in March and April 2021, where we received feedback from local residents, landowners, organisations and elected members.   

Our online events include:

  • A webinar on the project from 6.30pm – 7.30pm on Wednesday 2 March. The webinar will include a presentation on the project, followed by a Q&A session with the SEGL2 project team.
  • Four live chat sessions, where people will have the opportunity to raise any questions directly with the project team through a live chat function on our website at the following dates and times:  
    •           10am – 2pm Tuesday 22 February
    •           2pm – 8pm Thursday 24 February
    •           11am – 5pm Saturday 26 February
  •              2pm – 8pm Thursday 3 March

    In addition, we will be offering people one-to-one telephone and video calls with members of the project team.

    People without internet access will be encouraged to request hard copies of the materials and speak to a member of the project team via our freephone number. Information on how to attend the events or arrange one-to-one calls will be held on our website from Monday 21 February.

Background the on the project

By way of background, SEGL2 is a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Link, an ‘electricity superhighway’, that is required to transport clean green energy produced in Scotland to here in England. The proposed link will run under the sea for most of its length, between Peterhead in Aberdeenshire and Drax in North Yorkshire. A second HVDC Link is also proposed between Torness area in East Lothian and Hawthorn Pit (in between the villages of South Hetton and Murton) in County Durham.

Both projects are currently in the planning stage, and we expect to submit our planning application for SEGL2 in spring 2022. If our proposals are approved by local authorities, we intend to begin construction on SEGL2 in 2024 and complete the works in 2029. Through the development of the proposals, we have engaged with local community groups, landowners, and organisations to explain what we are planning, using their feedback to shape our plans.

If you are unable to attend the public information events, then I would be more than happy to arrange a briefing with you on the project. If so, or if you have any queries, please to contact the project team on 0808 196 8407 or

Neil Lyons

National Grid’s Project Director for the Scotland to England Green Link projects (SEGL1 and SEGL2)

Rural Highway Maintenance responsibilities

See slide below provided by ERYC

Merle Skinner Retirement

Cllr Merle Skinner has resigned from the Council after 55 years as a Parish Councillor.

Merle was co-opted to the Parish Council in 1966 and during her long term she has been committed to serving the village on behalf of its residents.

Her late husband Alan also served the community as parish clerk for 22 years. Merle took on the role of clerk for about 18 months following Alan’s passing until a permanent clerk was appointed. At the time parish council meetings were held either in the old school or old chapel now both demolished.

Always interested in the village children's education she served as a parish representative at Market Weighton Infants School as a governor. She was involved in the negotiations with the County Council to ensure there was always free transport to Market Weighton Infants and Junior Schools for all village children following the closure of the village school.

Merle was active in supporting the southern route of Market Weighton bypass saving Goodmanham being separated from Market Weighton. On the environment front she was involved in the purchase and planting of the first daffodils that still enhance the village in Spring. Along with the help of the local Young Farmers Club Merle and Alan in 1984 planted the many trees we see as you travel up Nursery Hill.

Over 55 years Merle has gained a wealth of local knowledge and has staged exhibitions showing past village events including memories of local characters from her fabulous collection of slides, photos and newspaper cuttings. These act as a lasting archive of days gone by in Goodmanham.

We all wish her well in her retirement and thank her for her dedicated service.

Weight Limit

Since 28th March 2013 there has been a 7.5T weight limit zone in Market Weighton and Goodmanham, but East Riding Council approved an exempt through route for local farming businesses allowing HGVs to travel through the zone lawfully when making deliveries to and collections from Rectory Farm, Goodmanham Grange, Goodmanham Wold, Allotment Farm, Southwold Farm, Goodmanham Dale, Goodmanham Lodge, Enthorpe House and Wallis Grange. The exempt route is Londesborough Road in Market Weighton from its junction with Londesborough Roundabout to its junction with Goodmanham Road, the entire length of Goodmanham Road in Market Weighton and Goodmanham, and the entire length of Main Street in Goodmanham.


The Defibrillator is situated in the telephone kiosk on Church Side, Goodmanham, YO43 3HG. Please call 999 first to obtain the access code to open the cabinet. Weekly checks are made of the AED and reported to The Community Heartbeat Trust.


Please report these using the online form on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website, or by sending an email to

Planning Applications

Please note that the Parish Council can only make recommendations to East Riding Council, but every application is considered. All applications are accessible on the planning portal of the East Riding Council website ( The updated email address is

The Community Beat Manager for this area is PC John Day (email: Passing information onto the police enables them to take action.

Free School Transport

To Market Weighton Infant and Junior Schools - As a condition of the village school closing in 1967, East Riding Council is under obligation to provide transport to school for 4 -11 year olds living in Goodmanham.